Producing Cash Flow With Real Estate Investment Properties
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Producing Cash Flow With Real Estate Investment Properties

Producing Cashflow With Real Estate Investment Properties
By []Simon Volkov
Producing cashflow is one of the primary reasons people invest in real estate. In order to maximize profits and minimize expenses, investors need to analyze all scenarios that can occur. These include property prices, rental income, or profits produced from selling the realty.
Finding real estate that produces cashflow can be challenging; especially in today's tumultuous market. Although there are plenty of discounted properties there is much more to real estate investing than buying houses below market value.
Investors often seek out short sale and bank owned houses because distressed properties are priced lower than homes listed by private sellers. Furthermore, bank owned foreclosures sometimes qualify for grants such as those offered through HUDs Neighborhood Stabilization Program.
Although investing in distressed real estate can be a profitable strategy, investors have to carefully weigh the pros and cons. First and foremost, a vast majority of bank owned homes require repairs and renovations. Investors will need to conduct due diligence and acquire estimates for repairs to determine an accurate cost of the property.
Another consideration is figuring out how long it will take to return the home to livable condition. If it takes several months to restore the property, investors will lose out on cashflow that could have been acquired from renting or selling the house.
Investors should also calculate which strategies will produce the highest amount of cashflow. Investment properties can be sold, rented, or traded using 1031 exchanges. Making use of 1031 exchanges is a preferred method for reducing capital gains tax. However, these kinds of transactions require hiring a Qualified Intermediary to oversee the transaction and handle finances associated with it.
Although selling houses isn't as easy as it used to be, there are plenty of people ready and willing to buy a house. Investors can list their properties through realtors or as for sale by owner. They can offer owner will carry financing or enter into lease purchase agreements.
Using creative financing strategies can produce greater amounts of cashflow as long as the deal is constructed properly. People that need owner financing usually have bad credit that prevents them from obtaining a bank loan. Therefore, investors need to investigate buyers and validate they can meet financial obligations.
Seller financing is in high demand due to the number of foreclosed homeowners. Once a person has the black mark of foreclosure on credit reports they won't qualify for bank financing for several years. Private financing can bridge the gap and allow them to buy a house while repairing their credit.
Investors normally don't carry the full amount of the sale price. On average, investors cover half the amount and require buyers to pay the balance with cash. When buyers obtain bank financing for the balance the bank becomes the first lien holder and investors have the second mortgage lien. This can place investors at risk if buyers default on either loan.
Lease purchase option agreements are a good choice for investors that aren't comfortable providing financing. People that enter into rent-to-own contracts tend to make excellent tenants. Not only do they pay rent on time, they also take better care of the property. There is also less chance of them skipping out without providing notification.
Both strategies provide opportunity to produce cashflow immediately because buyers provide a down payment to secure the property. Oftentimes, investors can retain down payment funds if buyers default on the agreement.
It's always best to work with a real estate attorney when entering into lease purchase or seller financing contracts. The process for these methods differs by state so it's important to have contracts reviewed by lawyers.
These are a few ways for investors to profit with real estate investments. Although the market appears bleak there are still plenty of opportunities to make money with realty. Those who take time to learn how to capitalize on market trends can build a strong portfolio that provides consistent cashflow for years to come.
Discover more ways to produce []cashflow with investment properties from California investor, Simon Volkov. He has weathered the storm by using a diverse mix of strategies. He shares the challenges he's faced and offers an unbiased assessment of current real estate trends at []
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